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Bernard, known in South Korea as Backkom (빼꼼, ppaekkom) is an 3-minute Spanish-South Korean-French CGI-animated television comedy series centered on the fictional polar bear and main character of the same name. It is produced by RG Animation Studios, with the investment of the South Korean broadcaster EBS, the Spanish BRB Internacional and the French M6, the animation style is of a combination of computer-generated and cel animation. The show was also was a part of Cartoon Network's Sunday Pants.


The show centers on a curious polar bear named Bernard, whose bumbling slapstick antics typically result in the bear being knocked unconscious or being severely injured by the end of an episode. Bernard almost doesn't speak, but he does communicate through guttural sounds. Bernard is accompanied by a few other characters: Lloyd and Eva the penguins, Zack the lizard, Goliath the chihuahua, Sam the baby, Pilot the dog, Pokey the porcupine and Santa Claus.


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A feature film based on Bernard, titled My Friend Bernard in English and Mug Travel in South Korea, was first released in South Korea on March 22, 2007. It was directed by Lim Ah-ron and produced at RG Animation Studios.

Award HistoryEdit

Bernard has been nominated for a number of awards, including Best Animation series at the Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (2006), Mipcom Jr. Licensing Challenge Award (2004), Prize in Children and Education at the Dong-A International Festival of Cartoon & Animation (2004) and was a finalist at the Annecy International Animation Festival (2003).[1]

  1. Nominated for The Best Animation Series at Stuttgart Festival of Animated Film (2006)
  2. Mipcom Jr. Licensing Challenge Award (2004)
  3. Won the Prize in Children and Education at DIFECA (Dong-A International Festival of Cartoon & Animation) (2004)
  4. Was the finalist in Annecy International Animation Festival (2003).



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