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Bernard (Hangul: 빼꼼; RR: Ppaekkom; MR: Ppaekkom, romanized as Backkom within Asia-Pacific) is the titular protagonist/antagonist of the franchise of the same name. He is a curious polar bear and Lloyd's friend/enemy, Eva's boyfriend and Zack's enemy/friend, he seems to be bad in the series.



There is a movie made in China about Bernard and what happened to his mother. when Bernard was a baby, he and his mother were walking around in the northpole. they encountered some flags and some other things and Bernard found 2 stuffed toy polar bears, a mother and a baby. there were also flags set up in a line near them and one by one they started exploding. Bernard's mum immediately took action and ran with Bernard as fast as they could but along the way Bernard dropped his mummy polar bear toy, so they ran back to get it but an explosion happened and the mum got stuck under ice. looking at Bernard and his toy bears she gave him a hug and through him. Bernard was left with only the mummy toy bear and the mum had the baby toy bear. watch the movie to find out what happens.

In the franchiseEdit

Bernard now lives in an unnamed town with his friends Lloyd, Eva, and Zack. He usually gets knocked unconscious or severely injured at the end of an episode, due to some calamity caused by his bumbling.


(Taken from the AnimaKids website) "The polar beard without hair…. Don’t ask what happened! Primitive, selfish, impatient… Not only trouble maker but trouble finder too."


Bernard is a clumsy and curious polar bear with a little bit of white hair and blue eyes.


  • Bernard had a little bit of white hair, but on the AnimaKids website, it says that he had no hair.
  • In the end of an episode, he gets hurt or injured because of some calamity caused by his bumbling.
  • He is sometimes referred to as "Bernard Bear".
  • Bernard is the only character to appear in every episode of the series.
  • There is a movie made in china about Bernard, starting from his piper o'possum.